How to duplicate the you're special book in fallout 4

West of the Broadcast Tower KB5 you'll find a highway. D

Fallout 4 - Max SPECIAL Stats Glitch - Infinite S.P.E.C.I.A.L PointsCredit to: INFIN...Your first contact with S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system will occur during the conversation with the representative of the Vault-Tec Company, who will come to your door at the start of the game. You will be tasked with distributing 21 points to various parameters describing your personality and character. You have to choose from: Strength, Perception,[Hook] You're special, you're special You're special, oh so special S-P-E-C-I-A-L spells out that you're quite swell [Verse 5] Intelligence! Is idiocy inverted, innate instinct Take information ...

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In Fallout 4 hidden in your son's room in your old house after the war you can obtain the "You're SPECIAL" book you may have noticed in the intro sequence. T...The full chart of perks in Fallout 4 (Image credit: Windows Central / Bethesda). Below is an explanation of each of Fallout's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes and an overview of the perks attached to ...Special Delivery is a side quest in Fallout 4. Upon visiting Bunker Hill, The Third Rail in Goodneighbor or the Dugout Inn in Diamond City, Edward Deegan will approach the Sole Survivor and offer work. If the player character previously visited Parsons State Insane Asylum and killed a few of the guards, he will mention it, though he says he doesn't hold it against them. After accepting, go to ...The debuffs are only needed to increase a stat past 10 with the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. book from sanctuary. Beyond that, I found a debuff that will work for agility and endurance and is easier to use than the withdrawal debuff from a drug (which wasn't working for me to increase agility anyway). Simply make your character over loaded and it will reduce ...Yes since there is no level cap and it takes 70 levels to get 10 on all Specials (frankly you have 21 points to invest in Special at the beginning of the game). The leveling up system works similar to Skyrim. Skills no exist in Fallout 4. Only perks in Fallout 4. 1 perk per level. No level cap in Fallout 4. I tried it on a save I made about a month ago and it worked there but in a more recent save the same method I used doesn’t work. Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It still works with the conveyor belt but not with dogmeat. In Fallout 4, it is possible to permanently get 11 in all SPECIAL stats by having 10 in all SPECIAL stats through character creation or spending perk points, and then using the respective bobbleheads. As in Fallout 3, there is a copy of the You're SPECIAL! book in Fallout 4. In you're old house, get special book from un... Its good glitch I guess.Also this duplication glitch works on any other item.1. Get dogmeat2. go to Sanctuary3. In you're old house, get special ...Where to find the book You're SPECIAL! When you are completting the scene after your son being kidnapped and your wifu dies by (Spoiler Alert : Kellog) you will fight some cool mutantish bugs that can fly even higher than mosquito.If you have the digital version, then no. If you have the disc version, then yes you can dup the special book, and grenades, fusion cores, mini nukes, gold bars, shipments of raw materials, just about anything. You can dup thousands of an item. I'm currently doing it right now. I gave detailed instructions on another thread about 4 or 5 days ago.In the digital age, where e-books and audiobooks dominate the market, there is still a special charm in holding a physical book in your hands. For book enthusiasts and collectors, ...Vardis Dec 5, 2015 @ 11:06am. You get +1 point with the You're Special book. It's bugged and is checking your current stat values and not your base stats. So as you found, you can get a stat to 10, decrease it with some effect, and then use the book to get +1. At most, that gets your base to 11, and you can then get 12 with the bobblehead.Here's how to score yourself an infinite supply of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat points in Fallout 4!This in-world book by Vault-Tec highlights seven key attributes of vault dwellers in Bethesda Game Studio's hit Fallout® video game franchise. Following total nuclear annihilation, the caring Vault-Tec staff have prepared an educational manual to help vault dwellers like you understand what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.If you click on the Special book when every stat is 10 or higher, it will simply have the option 'Do Nothing'. Then it will activate and go into your inventory like normal. So to answer your 8 year old question, it does nothing.Map with marked locations of unique and special items in Fallout 4. 1 Cryolator freeze Weapon, gun. In Vault 111, guarded by Master lock. 2 Big Jim melee weapon. In Gift Shop Basement under Walden Pond. Use drainage pipe to get there. Fallout 4: Big Jim. 3 General Chao's Revenge Sword. Sword that does 50% more damage against robots.3. By first getting the desired stat to 10 then getting a drug to give it a temporary debuff you can use the You're Special! book to increase it back to 10 but then when the debuff wears off you will have 11 in that stat and then you can increase it to 12 by getting the corresponding bobblehead. and why i say do it in this order is because it ...In Windows you will usually find this in: C:\Users [username]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4. Launch Fallout 4 and load your save. Hit ~ to bring up the console. Input "bat reset" to reset your points. Input "bat run" to distribute your points as laid out in Reset All Points. Save/quicksave.Roger that! You're the man! and SPECIAL! I read so many places that you could legitimately get a base stat to 12 by getting a stat to 10, then using an addiction to lower the stat and then using the "You're Special" book and then the bobble head. However the "You're Special" book is not giving me the option to raise the stat once it …May 10, 2016 ... Thanks for watching this video! Comment down bellow telling me what you thought. Also if you have any questions use the comment box or ...Nov 17, 2015 · Step 4: Drop the duplicated books and pick them up for an extra special point. Continue this while paying attention to your attributes and save once you get to nine. Step 5: Make sure that you have a duplicated book that you can drop and get a special point from, except DO NOT pick it up. Instead make dogmeat fetch it. Mar 3, 2021 · 3. Once the items are placed in A, open the console command and click on B to get the form ID of the container B. Remember the form ID of B, or write it down. 4. A should already contain the gear you want to duplicate. Now, click on container A and type the following: duplicateallitems <form ID of B>. 5.

LINKSSubscribe Referral Link Twitter https://www.twitc...#Fallout4 #Guide #SPECIAL #FalloutGuide #duplicationglitch it hasn't been patched, but i noticed when I did it, not every book works when duped, you just gotta keep doing it, it took me like 2 hours of duping them to get all my character's natural stats to 10. it's always been like that, if you dupe 1 you gotta pick it up and then drop both the 1 you duped and the 1 you picked up before dogmeat duped ... You can dupe weapons with an extremely strict timing, but I haven't seen anyone successfully duplicate the special book. Friends are like snowflakes. If you pee on them, they disappear. I would say just wait for the mods, I can guarantee that one of the first things out will be some sort of stat / item cheats.

Sep 14, 2016 ... ... your inventory if your timing is too early. Thumbs up if this helped you :) 21:23. Go to channel · Fallout 4 SPECIAL Book duplication machine!How to duplicate items in Fallout 4. Duplication Exploit for Fallout 4. All Skill Points Exploit and How to duplicate anything in Fallout 4To successfully du...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Hey guys! I heard there was a trick to duplicate Y. Possible cause: The 7 stats of Fallout 4 - Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intell.

Hey guys! I heard there was a trick to duplicate YAS book that one finds in SS's old home with help of Dogmeat. Was it patched or does it still work? I am just curious. Thanks!In this video i explain in depth glitch/exploit in how to duplicate items in Fallout 4 and the newest way to get unlimited ammo this method is also used to d...

In Fallout 4, some still do, although the primary purpose of SPECIAL attributes in Fallout 4 is determining what perks you have access to. Simply put, each SPECIAL attribute now has ten perks tied to it, one for each base rank you can have in that Attribute. ... and search under a dresser near the bed to find the book YOU'RE SPECIAL!, which ...Chems and alcohol are the only base game things that can be used. Here's what you need: S - Daytripper. P - Fury (requires Chemist perk), Nuka Dark. C - Daddy-O. I - Any Alcohol. In the Commonwealth Daddy-O can only be found in the South Boston Police Department or possibly sold by a few vendors. 2.

Nov 13, 2015 ... Fallout 4 Duplication Glitch! Unlimit Added: Feb 11th, 2016. This is found inside your home in Sanctuary, under your baby's crib. There is only one type of this book in the game and it can be used to permanently gain one extra point that you can use to any of your SPECIAL stats. … Amazon Prime members can download books they have Fallout 4 Item Codes. tai - Toggle all N published 13 November 2015. Comments. If you don't have the patience to become superhuman the old fashioned way, this Fallout 4 exploit will let you get every SPECIAL stat to 10 with just a few ... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Here’s how it works: Step 1: Drop the item you want to duplicate from your inventory (so it’s sitting on the ground). Step 2: Command your Dog companion (Dogmeat) to fetch it. Step 3: Pick it up at the exact same time when he is lowering his head to pick it up. Step 4: One copy will be placed in your inventory, while dogmeat drops another ... Bringing you the new duplication glitch! ThisMax out all of your Special attributes with this workFor Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameF About this mod. Adds craftable SPECIAL books and removes the maximum cap of 10. Share. Permissions and credits. UPDATE: I added a version 2 that is a somewhat streamlined version. It adds in a new Misc item called a "Damaged Manual", which is now used to build the SPECIAL books. Damaged Manuals can be made using burnt books, burnt textbooks ...How to find item ID codes Screenshot by DoubleXP. When you know the name of the item that you want the ID code of, open the console with the “~” key and type “help insertnameofitem 4 ... Go to sleep for a few hours so that the effect goes away, and you Apr 16, 2023 · In a normal game, Perform the conveyor belt duplication glitch with the special book until your stats are all 10Find a Whiskey or alcohol beverage that will ... #1. Nite69 May 19, 2018 @ 2:10pm. I never knew it could be dulplicated in the past. but at least the perk tree trick still works, I always get charisma to 10, and then use a drug to lower charisma temporary, then put the special book on the charisma, and then when the drug wears off it puts charisma to 11. #2. Zim May 19, 2018 @ 2:13pm. If you have the disc version, you can sti[You're going to get 7 different answers. #1. bunny de fluff JulFor those that are confused on how to re-use the Fallout 4 Item Codes Hint: Use Ctrl + F to find desired item Hint: Use ~ (tilde) key to open up command box in the game Use following command : player.additem Example: player.additem 000e6b2e 5 (spawns 5 Mini Nukes in... hmm I didn't see a code for bottle caps. I just want to increase my bottle caps. Is there a way to just to insert like a ...The Fallout Network's Subreddit for the Bethesda game series Fallout . From the first games that paved the way to the most recent, we are a subreddit for Fallout fans from all walks of life. Members Online